Thursday 3 December 2015


Ive been fishing in France.  Actually the Boss has been fishing and I just watched.  I have to say it is not the most exciting pastime in the world but there were certainly some interesting smells coming from his dishes of bait which I was forbidden to touch. Eventually there was a little scurry of activity when a small fish appeared out of the water on the end of his line but the Mrs was less impressed when his next catch turned out to be a leaf.  The Boss said practice makes perfect and continued sitting in the sun dangling his line in the water. After watching numerous fish jumping about in the lake and breaking out of the surface of the water with a loud plop far from the Boss reach I was so frustrated that I decided to take matters into my own hands and dived in to find a few of these slippery little blighters for him.  All hell broke loose - you would have thought he would be pleased I was helping out but no, exactly the opposite, apparently I had got it wrong again, dogs cant fish they can only watch!        
Upon surfacing from my swim I broke my stroke to turn my head and realised the Boss gesticulations, commands and general demeanour meant I should have stayed on the bank and not entered the water.  You can’t help some people!  I made sure I regained dry land some way from the Boss' pitch and trotted off to see what the Mrs was doing but she was deeply involved in painting an impression on paper of the autumn trees until I shook all the water out of my coat, nudged her arm for a cuddle and upset her concentration as well as the paint pot.  Some colourful language emerged and I nearly ended up with a colourful coat but it all washed off in the lake again which finally signaled the end of the fishing expedition for that day.  I just don’t understand why I cant retrieve the fish for the Boss, just like the pigeons.  Will I ever learn all the rules.

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