Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Hello my friends,  I have a very warm bottom….thought you would like to know that!   The Boss and Mrs disappeared to the sun and I was farmed out to the miniatures for a week – not that I am complaining, I enjoy their company and want to be by their sides constantly, a fact that made their mum and dad a bit peeved.  I was told the newly decorated sitting room with the deliciously fluffy new rug is out of bounds.  I thought bounds were especially for dogs as I can bound about all over the place.  However I had compensation in bucket loads, or as they say in dog speak, bone loads.   You see the floor on which you see me sitting which was where my bed was placed and which became my domain was magically heated from underneath – don’t ask me how, I don’t really care as long as I can sit, lay, curl, sleep  and wriggle on here for ever.  Bliss!!  I have no need of my padded bed or my furry bed blanket – just lay me out on this floor and I am in heaven. 
During my stay I nearly managed to wangle a ride in a taxi too, the miniatures go to school in one and as they were being collected the tailgate was open to load their necessities so I took the opportunity to jump in.  After the shocked driver left his seat to see what had weighed the boot down he appeared a little stunned when faced with my eager look.  Unfortunately he is not licenced to take dogs in the boot and despite my best inveigling look and jumping in and out several times I was eventually persuaded that I should remain at home.  I had to wait for the miniatures to come home from school before we could have more fun and treats on my nice warm floor.  A week on this floor is not long enough…….

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