Thursday 28 May 2020

JUNE 2020

I am not sure if this is really necessary but the Boss and Mrs are wearing their masks so I thought I should follow suit. It does hamper the old nozzle a bit and I can't really bark very well without it getting all tangled up with my teeth and ending up a soggy mess. Perfumes are really muted and it certainly puts a damper on getting to know the ladies as I can't really tell if they are ladies or not without a jolly good snifter. The Mrs thinks I look quite well, the Boss said it was a waste, the Mrs said it was all doggerel and the boss just pulled a face...…..I quite like the anonymity of it - I could be the Lone Barker!
Life in lockdown has resulted in much more attention for me so I am not really complaining but on two occasions I felt really under the weather and the Mrs was worried and rushed me straight to the guys in the white coats for a once over. After being reassured that dogs are not prone to the illness that has kept us here in France for much longer than planned, I was subjected to an injection and some tablets and felt as right as rain again but rain seems to have done a bunk and the sun has taken over now. The heat makes me puff but I rest a lot and not going out means I don’t have to be wear the disguise which is a bonus, although apparently I am really the only one allowed out without a certificate, the Boss and the Mrs have to produce one every time they leave the house. This is for the gendarmes to check they are obeying the rules and not straying too far which is strange for it is usually us dogs that get it in the neck for straying too far.

Meanwhile back on the farm we only wear masks if we leave the homestead and as the Mrs is the only one to shop it is she who leaves looking like the Lone Ranger every so often while the Boss stays with me and awaits her return - us elderlies get to stick together and we never stray!

Hope you are all masked, locked down and safe in your own homes.

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