Friday, 5 October 2012

September/October 2012

Bert’s Blog:  Here I am singing for my supper at Mont St Michel.  After a few bars I received a special request - to stop - so I did and was promptly given a bowl of biscuits for tea.     Sometimes it pays to be vocal. 
I liked France and want to go back next year to meet more perfumed poodles and learn the language, which as far as I can tell is called “yap” as that is what most of the French dogs I met were saying.
Now back at home I accompany the Boss in his work in the countryside and woodlands, running around and sniffing (that’s me, not him) but have also learnt to stay close when told in case I upset some of the wildlife, however recently some of the wildlife upset me. 
When checking security and welfare of small birds that live within a large park enclosed by a very insignificant looking wire, I found to my cost the wire carried a rather large bite.  Whilst trailing the Boss as he went about his work, I inadvertently sniffed it and momentarily felt a sharp nasal shock similar to finding out that the small ball of fur at home had claws. This unfortunate event concluded in us both being late home for dinner after a long game of tag until the Boss finally managed to catch me. Once I had calmed down and the Boss had got his breath back we finished our work.  On our return home my Boss unfortunately fell afoul of the Mrs who had been expecting us much earlier.  Her sympathies definitely lay with me when, on hearing his explanation of our tardiness, she promptly gave me the Boss’ dinner and he had to make do with mine.  Sometimes it pays to keep quiet!



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