Sunday, 4 November 2012

November 2012

Bert’s Blog:  This is my nose and although highly prized in the dog world and by the Boss, it also has the capacity to get me into trouble occasionally…..
Sniffing in the garden recently I found a small white ball which when thrown in the air, bounced with alacrity and was easily catchable in my mouth.  I had a great game with it and the Boss laughed at my antics.  He plays with a similar white ball in the garden sometimes, but strangely by hitting it with a long stick.  Once I had accompanied him and the Mrs on a ‘round’ when they both hit white balls with various sticks until it eventually disappeared down what I thing was a rabbit hole. Confusingly boring I thought but it made for a nice walk. 
Last week, when resting in my favourite place in the Boss’s truck waiting for him to come and find me, boredom struck.  When my nose told me that there were some little white balls in the bag laying right next to me containing long sticks, I thought I would  liberate a few and entertain myself playing that game of throw and catch again. 
Let me tell you, I was more than half way to attaining what my nose was telling me and liberating the first of the many balls I was sure were in there when disaster struck.  It would only have taken another couple of gnaws on the frame and they would have all come bouncing out but the boss appeared at that point togged up to play with his sticks and told me in no uncertain terms that I had been a little too keen on this occasion to follow my nose and I was certainly not allowed to accompany him on this round.

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