Monday, 17 December 2012

December 2012

Bert’s Blog:  There have been some complaints about my perfume, why I don’t know as I love my smell.  Apparently the Mrs finds it offensive so the Boss and I spent time in the bathroom where some soap containing dogodorant, or some such word, was splashed all over me.  Special attention was given to washing behind my ears and other certain places which I am forbidden to mention here.  My favourite bedding was also put into a machine that never stopped still and I became quite giddy trying to keep tabs on it.  All in all I think I am going to end up a bit of a ‘woofter’ again (canine term for dogs who don’t smell like dogs).  Bathing is not a dog’s favourite pastime.
Prior to this ignominious turn of events I was enjoying myself participating in several exciting days out beating with the Boss looking for game - and believe me it was – a great game.  I am sure it must be in my genes as I loved it and can’t wait for the next time. Meeting up with other dogs that look like me and running through the undergrowth, searching and finding, learning the shape and smell of the game and when to keep still and when to forage is my idea of heaven.  I am not afraid of the guns banging and I can bring birds back to the Boss which he is very pleased about.  Unfortunately I also retrieved someone else’s on a few occasions which the Boss was not so pleased about and he said I need more restraint, but I get so excited that I get carried away.  Apparently, time spent on the lead will prevail in the future and if he mentions ‘bath’ again then I will definitely calm down and sit very still…

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