Tuesday, 12 February 2013

January & February 2013

What a confusing time of year for a dog Christmas is – lights are put outside and trees put inside.  I was allowed nowhere near the tree inside in case I disgraced myself.  As if I would!  It was hung with many large round balls, which I was not allowed to play with, and had colourful packages underneath.  The miniatures all visited and had a great time unwrapping the packages which the Mrs had taken such care to wrap up. I had been given strict instructions not to do this but they did not get into trouble when they did it and there was a great deal of merriment. Eventually I was allowed to participate in the unwrapping as you can see.  I gave the Boss a large lick and the Mrs received my paw like a lady.    I received a number of things, the worst being yet another bath, then a turning out of my bed, but things improved when I was given a bone, some turkey, and a large chew to keep for later. 

The bath meant I smelt like a right woofter when my girlfriend Jazz arrived.  She lives with a couple of the miniatures and we go beating together. Jazz is black instead of brown; her mum didn’t eat enough chocolate for her to be the same as me, I’m a real chocolate.  She and I have retrieved lots of pheasants lately and I have learnt that I must stay with the Boss until he says I can go.  This was a hard lesson to learn as I was dying to stretch my legs, but the praise I get when I behave more than compensates for running wild and I don’t like being told off in front of Jazz – it’s embarrassing. 

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