Tuesday, 26 March 2013

March 2013

Bert’s Blog:  All dressed up and nowhere to go.  This was me in February, after taking hours to get dressed only to be told I would not be accompanying the Mrs on her birthday, apparently no dogs allowed.  Mind you, once I looked in the mirror I got the shock of my life when I thought I had turned into a blonde!  Talk about dizzy - couldn’t wait to get it off.

Talking about dizzy, there is some progress to report with the small ball of fur which lives here who seems to be thawing out somewhat; accidental meetings no longer involve her impersonation of a Harrier Jump Jet but more the slow lumber of a Jumbo.  Sometimes she sits and watches and, should I be reprimanded, I often catch a glimpse of a small preen of the whiskers, however the fur ball was herself reprimanded recently for sitting on the bird table.  The Boss was not pleased to see her there and has now fenced it off with wire to allow only small birds to feed and not fat cats, pigeons, crows or magpies. 

I found the Mrs. a nice present in the garden which I had dug up the day before her birthday in readiness for the celebration, however when I gave it to her she seemed less than enthusiastic to hold on to it so I modified it slightly for her and went a bit too far as there does not seem to be anything of it left now.  I can’t understand why the Boss loves meat but not bones.  Now I have shed the blonde I think I will go and dig up another present, the best thing about being brown is that it does not show up the dirt.

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