Monday 3 June 2013

JUNE 2013

I have been having a very tiring and confusing few weeks.  My girlfriend Jazz has come to stay for a while and I have fallen in love all over again.  This is her giving me the “look” when I asked her if she wanted to “promenade avec moi ce soir, mademoiselle” (a little something I learnt in France last year).  I was extremely eager to spend some time with her having been forcibly kept apart for a while due to the seasons which I assume means we are still waiting for summer to arrive. I have chased her all over the place but she keeps playing hard to get, however now she has calmed down, I am puffed out, so maybe I will do the usual male thing and have a little snooze.  I find females a very confusing race. 
The Mrs is spending more time with me outside in the garden clearing and cutting back and I am assisting by fetching any sticks that get thrown aside.  There is also a lot of digging going on.  The Boss uses a wicked looking implement with a great deal of effort and although I have “pawpose” made implements for the job for some reason he definitely does not want my assistance.   If I do dig faster and deeper than him I am usually in trouble and honestly, I was only trying to help.  Once the gardening is finished and the grass has been cut the small white balls have been making an appearance on the lawn again while the Boss practices his strokes with the hitting sticks and I practice my strokes by sidling up and leaning against his legs for a pat.  I love pats and, despite her reluctance to “promenade” with me, I love Jazz too.        

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