Wednesday 21 August 2013

JULY 2013

Although I live in my own kennel most of the time, occasionally, if the house door is left open, I sneak in unobserved and lay my head on the arm of the Boss’s chair and he absently mindedly stokes my head for quite a while as he sits staring at a black box with all sorts of things in it.  I am definitely an outside dog but occasionally I have a weekend pass to the sitting room to check there are no strange animals escaping from the black box, especially when the Boss watches Countryfile or David Attenborough.  Sometimes they nod off and I become alarmed at the number of animals living inside and I give voice to warn them of their imminent escape, causing great alarm and near falls from the sofa….oops!  Once, someone in the box started singing at a certain pitch and I accompanied them with my plaintive howl – well that certainly woke the Boss up and elicited a strongly worded request to stop.  The most exciting time indoors is when the Boss is watching balls on the box which, despite disapproval from the Mrs, he insists is very good for me to watch, at which point the Mrs usually exits the room so us boys can watch in peace.  Apparently this is called sport and balls feature in many different forms so I am constantly keeping my eye on the ball in the hope it may pop out of the box and I can retrieve it.   Up to now this has never happened despite several near misses when I get excited and have to be told to “sit down I can’t see the screen”.  I have to sit close so that I can catch the ball as soon as it comes my way...I live in hope. 

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