Wednesday, 21 August 2013


This is my new friend – Fifi the French poodle – she doesn’t say much but she has a certain finesse. . . After the village fete, where I made lots of new friends and acquainted myself with some old ones I visited another larger fete at an incredible house with more games for dogs.  We went under a long tunnel (no rabbits in it) and came out in another county where I found the French poodoo.   After the usual stops at Caves (no bears but plenty of the red stuff the Boss likes to taste and admire) we arrived at Chambord and La Fete de Chasse.  I have never seen so many hounds in one place before and when I said “hello” they all answered together, making so much noise I had to be removed to a quieter area.  They all bark in French so I am hoping they were pleased to see me.  The large square box on wheels in now my new home for a while and if I sometimes get spooked in the night I am allowed to sleep inside providing I lay quietly and keep all my beautiful perfumes to myself.  Sometimes I am kept awake by the snores coming from the Boss and the Mrs who have the cheek to say my barks are too loud!  Confusingly, just as I had got used to seeing bats, balls and stumps on the box at home, it turns out there are things in the trees here called crickets that have nothing to do with sport.  They make a noise all day long and nobody seems to care, but if I did that it would be most frowned upon so I stick to playing with Fifi and chewing the occasional baguette.

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