Thursday, 19 September 2013


On holiday, posing by the water lilies as per Mr Monet.  The Mrs wanted to stop here and get her paint brushes out but after my plunge into the pond things changed was just so hot on holiday I couldnt resisthowever I have now learnt not to even think of dipping a toe into the drink unless I have prior permission.  Luckily we found many other rivers, lakes and oceans in France for me to practice my doggy paddle in, and for the Mrs to sit and paint.  I tried drinking the water she uses to paint with once but apart from not really appreciating the taste, I nearly got a paint brush in the eye as she went to rinse out when I had my head in the bucket.   I still cannot get used to all those waves in the ocean and chasing them went on forever, never stopping and I tired way before they did.  Water and swimming are a big part of my holiday.  Fifi, my French poodle friend returned home with us and she keeps me company in my bed.  So far I have desisted from pulling her stuffing out.
My latest exercise at present is collecting pigeons.  The Boss has asked me to help him and I do my best to find them wherever they fall.  The farmers and gardeners have all requested we collect as many as possible to give the new shoots a chance to grow and before they are all eaten by the greedy pigeons.  So far the Boss and I have reduced the numbers by a fair few but they always seem to return threefold.  I dont understand it myself by the Boss says I am too young to understand.  I am two this month and am hoping for a big bone on my birthday.

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