Tuesday 29 October 2013


This is my humble look which I assume after I have been told to do something and I actually do the opposite.  This is part of my behaviour I am working on improving and I have also learnt that an apology works wonders, as long as there is no insurance company involved.  I am sorry to say that an occasion arose recently when I had been told to sit and stay however the temptation to actually take the biscuit being waved around in front of me by one of the many miniatures who run around the house occasionally was too much to resist.  I stood up and very gently approached the miniature version of the Boss who kindly proffered said biscuit which I very delicately took from his crumb laden fingers and downed it in a gulp, whereupon said miniature instantly sprouted tears and louds wails and behold, the game was up.  Instant uproar from the Mrs, multiple hand washings, consolation kisses, hugs and another biscuit, all I hasten to add, bestowed upon the miniature not me.   I received the opposite with a very cross word, instructions to leave the vicinity and a look which could have felled a tree, hence my humble look.  If I had worn a hat I would have doffed it and gone down on one knee with abject apologies. Lesson learnt, never take a biscuit from a baby but keep a watchful eye, wait till they drop it and scoff it from the floor, then everyone is happy!

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