Sunday, 8 March 2015

March 2015

Just showing you my special bed, kept in the sitting room especially for me and upon which I keep myself company!
I am allowed to sit on it if I have been good and promise not to misbehave or do anything which may instigate the air freshener being utilised.  Recently I have had a suspicion that someone else has been using my special bed – no, not the Boss and definitely not the Mrs – although I blame her for this gross invasion of my property. The other night, after being told I could come in and sit on my bed, which I hasten to add is right next to the small elevated bed belonging to a certain small furry spitty thing called Tiddles, I was just going to do my usual circular walk to find the best position for curling up when I smelt a suspiciously cat like aroma hovering over of my special bed – that danged cat had been sleeping on MY bed!  Vastly annoyed and not to be out done I kept one eye open all evening to see if she would be joining us.  Sure enough, in she padded, looking all innocent, spotted me and made to jump onto her own bed.  Just as she did so I barked really loudly so she misjudged the position of her cushion and instantly fell base over apex onto the floor!  Did I laugh?  Yes, for a bit, but not only did Tiddles land on her feet (don’t they always get the better of you) but my bark had woken both the Boss & Mrs who had been dozing by the fire and I got into a bit of bother, however some time later, when things had quietened down, I snoozed contentedly and dreamt of flying fur

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