Tuesday, 28 April 2015

APRIL 2015

Take a gander at these - I know, I know, not what you would normally buy to keep a dog company!  Actually they were a Christmas present for the Mrs from the Boss and judging by her reaction (I witnessed it first hand) I think she was as shocked as I.  Although I find my new friends quite amusing they do not reciprocate this feeling and their honkingly irritating reaction is to run flappingly down the garden whenever I put in an appearance.  Due to this aversion and their reaction I now have a new nickname and task and am commonly known as the Goose Herder, much in demand as every night they manage to break out of their designated area and appear on the patio each morning tapping at the window for breakfast.  If they were friendlier I wouldn’t mind if we spent time together but there are definite areas that would need attention.  Re-training in the toilet area is required as they are even more random than myself in that respect, also I am not keen on the hissing and would prefer honking if they really cannot manage a good deep bark.  They do tend to stick together and just lately they have started having a rough and tumble which the Boss said was normal at this time of year and we should let nature take its course to hopefully make eggs – sometimes he does talk complete gibberish – for a start I always get into trouble for rough and tumble and it definitely does not produce eggs, just a good telling off and instructions to behave!  The Mrs is the only person who gets eggs and they always accompany bacon not ganders.  Meanwhile I shall try very hard not to get goosed!

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