Monday, 1 June 2015

JUNE 2015

This is me having my morning paddle in the river with the tadpoles.  I check every morning to see if they have grown any legs but the poor blighters seem stuck with just a tail, a fairly pleasant useful tail but nowhere near as grand as mine.  These are Italian tadpoles and I met one of their parents on an evening walk yesterday but she croaked in a language I could not understand.

Talking about languages I think I have a different name over here as everyone calls me Bellisimo and they all do it so it must be right. You are probably wondering where I am and all I can tell you is it is lovely and warm and has a name like a torn face Chin Q Tearer in a National Park which seems to be almost persistently vertical. I have never climbed hills like it, the Boss copes fairly well but the Mrs drags a bit and I have to assist with pulling her along, something I am not usually allowed to do.  We have travelled here in the large white box on wheels, visiting different fields with different smells on the way.  I have met many new friends and they come from all over the world, places I have never heard of. Many people from the yew ess ay were missing their own dawgs from back home and needed a cuddle from me to keep them going.  Some small dog friends were carried by their Italian owners and one was carried in a shopping basket.  I eyed the Boss hopefully but he said he only carries the gun, not the dog and to keep walking.  He said the same to the Mrs, but she gave him the eye and he relented and carried her basket for her.  He is such a softie......

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