Saturday 7 November 2015


I don’t need to look through these large eye additions as I can see better without them.  The Mrs spent a long time gazing through them and then missed what the Boss, with his portable pair and me with my canine acuity, saw in the distance.  After much pointing and descriptions of where to look she eventually spotted…..a bird, not the type I can retrieve, but the sort the Boss likes to watch and read about in his bird book.  Personally I can’t see the attraction as they all fly away whenever you get close enough to have a proper look.  On occasion I have had to sit motionless in a field while the Boss stares through his eye extensions at a twittering feathered non retrievable flutterer and confirms his find in his book while I lay sighing with boredom without even a bone to chew in case I frighten them away. 
Luckily some birds don’t have the same rarity and appeal and the Boss and I have been out quite a few times in the past month depleting the pigeon population which threaten to devour everything in the garden and in the world, as I see them everywhere we go.
I was sitting in the glass house with the boss the other day contemplating the garden, enjoying the last of the sunshine and watching the cheepers and the tweeters outside when a pigeon of incredibly low intelligence flew to the bird table in front of us and proceeded to pinch the food left out for the Boss’s favourite garden birds.  Big mistake, and yes you guessed, it was instant curtains for that unfortunate pigeon, a reprieve for the little critters and the garden vegetables and a very short retrieve for me.   

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