Tuesday 25 October 2016


It has been very hot here and you have caught me napping.  Over here in France it is normal to have a little sleep after lunch which can last for one, two or even three hours depending on the weather, the amount of work or exercise undertaken in the morning and of course, the lunch!   This particular morning had involved a pre-breakfast walk and diving lesson in the lake and many retrievals of sticks, along with a very tiresome bout of sitting still whilst the Boss did a spot of fishing, followed by a game of tag with my new friend next door and another boring bout of sitting still while the Boss and Mrs sat bird watching.  
Why they seem to be so interested in these flighty feathery cheepy critters I cannot fathom.  No sooner has one been spotted than they instantly fly off and become heavily camouflaged in the nearest tree, never to be seen again.  However, there was one interesting flyer at the lake recently who executed an even more perfect dive that I can.  He was a very striking turquoise blue and emerged from the water carrying a fish in his beak even faster than I can retrieve a stick - I was actually impressed by this feat and the Boss and Mrs seemed very pleased to have seen him, I believe he had some connection with Royalty and fishing.

Just in case you are wondering - the pink bone was a gift from a predecessor and I am manly enough not to be bothered by its colour.  It has a lovely little squeak and fits neatly into my mouth for carrying.  The Mrs has a nasty habit of hiding it when she thinks I am not looking - hence my guarding it tightly in my paw while I sleep.  I like the squeak!

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