Sunday 4 December 2016


ZZZzzzzzz, just come back from shooting and so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.  I had a few Miniature helpers with me this time and they were extremely helpful with carrying the pheasants and pointing out the direction in which I should be retrieving.  I rewarded them handsomely with large licks and a few tail flicks.   The season is warming up nicely and we shall be having pheasant for dinner along with the odd duck or two.  I just love all the leftovers and spend a large part of the evening waiting patiently to see if the Boss and the Mrs manage to eat all their dinner or if there will be some left for me.  I have to sit nicely before it is offered and have learnt not to be too over confident about what is left on the plate as they both seem to like their dinners as much as I do.  In one unfortunate instance impatience got to me and I executed one of my upward bounding jumps to have a ‘look see’ what was left on the plates the Mrs was carrying back to the kitchen.  The accidental nudge the Mrs hand received in my ill-timed bounce resulted in disaster, there was a loud crash and not only did I miss having my rations that night but I was banned from the kitchen for quite a while with dinner reduced to the usual Biscuity stuff and served to me in the solitary confinement of my bedroom.  The Boss kept out of it saying I had made my bed and now I had to lie on it – thank you, that’s a big help!  This situation lasted until I managed to ingratiate myself back into the Mrs good books by showing her my undying love with fluttering semi-closed eye lids, expressions of total obedience, plentiful demonstrations of my obsequious belly crawling and being extremely quiet and good until she had forgotten all about the incident – humility always helps and as I told her with a lick to her hand, it’s never a good thing to bear a grudge for too long…

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