Tuesday 3 January 2017


Good Grief, is that an old guy with a white beard dressed in red pyjamas trying to wiggle down the chimney?  Only kidding!  It’s the Boss lighting the fire dressed in his Christmas jumper closely followed by the Mrs bearing armfuls of brightly wrapped gifts.  Woopee, I hope there are some for me.  Actually it was the Miniatures who gave generously at Christmas – two bags of doggy goodies, the down side was that I had to wear this ridiculous hat and stay still and not react when the crackers were pulled with a sharp snap, which could have meant I had to retrieve something but no, the only bird at this celebration was a bit of a turkey and had already had his goose cooked if you know what I mean.  
Another down side meant I had to be bathed in able to attend in the first place, but I am learning from experience as the good thing about the bathing is the attention I get afterwards when I have the best grooming ever:  rough towel dry then the blow dry with the hairdryer accompanied by a good brush and a smoothing comb at the end, claws cleaned and teeth brushed. I declined the short back and sides on the grounds that it is surplus to my requirements and I also said no to the shave and ear trim as I quite like my muzzle as it is and my ears are one of my best features.  There was some mention of requirements for the weekend but I had hightailed it out of the bathroom by then and was racing around the garden showing off my heavenly scented body to whoever wanted to pat it, which I am happy to say, many people did.

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