Wednesday, 8 February 2017

January 2017

BERTS BLOG:  I know I permanently support a ‘chocolate’ fur coat but rumour has it there is going to be a cold spell so I thought I should try some of the Boss’s headgear to ensure my ears do not freeze in the arctic wind.  I think this one rather suits me, gives off a faintly Sherlock whiff while doing the job of keeping the ears warm.  Speaking of Sherlock – I was allowed in one evening to watch it but could not make head nor tail of it – neither could the Boss who gave up and resorted to loud snores from his corner.  It turns out the bird I thought was the most pleasant was a ghost, Dr Watson hasn’t got a bones chance in the garden of deducing anything, Sherlock goes barking mad having eaten too many doggy treats and Mrs Hudson should never be allowed near a vehicle, especially one without off road tyres and four wheel drive.  The gun!  I ask you – where did she get it – did she have a licence – what was the constabulary thinking of?  When I think of the hoops and checks the Boss has to go through to obtain any sort of firearm and definitely not a pistol I can’t imagine what sort of skulduggery the housekeeper has been up to.  Wouldn’t do for the Mrs to wield such deadly stuff, her worst weapon is the hoover which when occasionally wielded nearby tries to nip at my tail while I am tucked up in bed.  I usually wait for it to sweep round the rear of my basket then leap for the door to avoid a carefully wielded suction grooming - I need all the hair I’ve got at the moment to combat the snowy winter weather forecast – the hoover will just have to wait!  Happy New Year to all you K9 lovers, wrap up warm and keep on the move.

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