Saturday 18 March 2017


Ooops!  Made a big mistake at the Docs today!  There were so many lovely interesting smells that my nose went into overload and my bladder went into meltdown. Lots of my fellow canines had been there!  I was halfway through leaving my calling card, a generous puddle in the middle of the Docs surgery floor, when the Mrs, who had been chosen to bring me, realised what I was up to and had an attack of the vapours shouting NOOOOOOO – not here.  Do you mean to say I can’t leave a message to all my other mates who had been there and were obviously due back at some time.  How very unfair – they needed to know I had joined them in their unfortunate experience with needles, pills and that thing in my back which goes cheep every time we cross large amounts of water. The Mrs calls it a chip but I have yet to have any fish with it.  Anyway the Doc, who didn’t seem to mind about my ‘message’ to colleagues, hastily fetched a small cleaning bath on wheels and disappeared my puddle rather quickly so my presence there was obliterated within minutes - total anonymity!  The Mrs though, was a different kettle of fish (ha! to go with the chip).  I could see she had her ‘I am not amused’ face on which usually spells trouble but on this occasion she kindly let me reiterate my ‘message’ in a much more suitable situation once outside the Docs so at least some of my buddies will know I have been there.  I suppose I should apologise for mentioning this rather personal communication experience but believe me I am not embarrassed for you to read this.  The Mrs was however and on returning home she gave the Boss her own message - it was definitely his turn to accompany me on my next visit to the Docs.

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