Monday, 4 December 2017

November / December

Am I looking forward to Christmas? yes I am.  Its just the thought that makes me feel tired..all that unwrapping…… and in the Bosss case virtually minutes after he has just wrapped it!  Mr last minute shopper   The Mrs, on the other hand, spends the previous weeks worrying about whether the wrapped is what the wrappee wanted.  I say dont worry, its the thought that counts.  I tell that to the Mrs every time I bring her an unwrapped stick, never mind the wrapping its the thought that counts.  Presents from the garden, sourced with my inquisitive nose, picked with my delicate lips and quietly deposited near her with such gentleness she never notices until she trips over them..Whoops. 
Christmas is always an energetic time of the year for me as it means hunting, shooting, beating and picking up.  The Boss seems to think I need to reduce my girth and the shooting season is just the way to do it.  I spend all day running, finding and retrieving and when I am not doing that I am keeping the Boss company when he is working on the shoot or checking things in the countryside.  He sometimes asks the Mrs if she would like to accompany him to reduce her girth but as far as I can ascertain this meets with a singular lack of enthusiasm from her and the promise of a chance to cook his own dinner and/or cancel sky sport. 

For now I am going to sneak a few moments of shut eye and dream of wrapping and running, of  that tree coming indoors, excited miniatures opening presents and adorning me with decorations and tidbits of turkey coming my way. I really am looking forward to Christmas I wonder if that white stuff will fall again from the sky I hope you all have a joyous and peaceful time.

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