Sunday 12 November 2017


It is not usual that I pull on the lead, in fact I pride myself on not pulling as the Mrs is always telling that me if I was a trained guide dog for the blind I would not be stopping every five minutes to investigate odours, toilet stops or something that is of no interest to anybody but me, therefore I have learnt that this model behaviour is expected of me when on the lead. 
However…… on a recent hot day in France investigating a quaint village and looking at all the architecture and possible future compositions the Mrs may wish to paint I suddenly noticed a sign which read “Dogs Bar !” and immediately had the same reaction as the Boss does when he sees the word Bar – I stopped mid stride – something so unusual the Mrs nearly collided with the Boss as it was she who had hold of the end of my lead and had her head in the air looking at picturesque things.  Why she doesn’t let me hold my lead myself I don’t know – she knows I love doing it and I am quite capable of taking myself for a walk. 

On a lot of these art inspiration walks she usually holds the Boss’ hand who, seeing she has her eyes on anything but where she is going, stops her from walking into lamp posts, bollards and tripping up steps.  But on this occasion she had hold of me and I had spotted the Dogs Bar and pulled on the lead so confusion reigned for a while until the Boss, after a nudge from me, suddenly woke up and said “what a good idea, lets investigate this bar……”  One beers, a glass of “pink grape juice”, bowl of water and a thankful pat from the Boss later we resumed our walk…..

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