Saturday, 4 August 2018


ERTS BLOG:  Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty.  I am one proud dog.  After parading around the ring at our village Fête for Most Fabulous Fellow, Musical Sits, Best Paw Shaker and Judges Champion I finally won the last class and was awarded this fabulous rosette.  I also received some bags of party goodies which the Mrs kindly doled out to me one at a time and which she also stored in her handbag for later spoilsport!  This could make a fellow swell headed but I am taking it in my stride, in my run and also in my sits as I now have no excuse not to do what I am told - the Mrs said she would relieve me of my rosette if I did not do exactly what she said in future if I didnt she would know I was only showing off for the crowd and if I could do it in the ring, I could do it at home.

I knew I should not have been so prompt in my eagerness to perform. It always leads to great expectations from the Boss and Mrs and now, each time I try to ignore a command or turn a deaf ear, the Mrs waves the rosette at me.  I am wondering how long it will take for her to forget and allow the dog show to disappear into the avenues of murky past in her memory and allow me to sneak it down the garden for a proper respectful burial I have the place chosen and marked out already in my own special way

While searching for a suitable place my memory suddenly resurfaced from the murky past with the aid of sight and smell and I found a long lost tennis ball which pleased me greatly. I proceeded to gift it to the Boss who threw it to the Mrs, who had to drop the rosette (sshhh, I will appropriate it at a later date) to catch the ball and we spent the next hour playing dog in the middle.  Each time I caught the ball I received another goodie from my party bag, so all in all we had a very good time at the Fête many thankful tail flicks and licks to the organisers.

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