Thursday, 23 August 2018


Trying to keep cool???  In all of my nearly 7 years I have never felt as hot as this! 

Have you noticed my companion he always appears when the sun shines and never leaves me alone, except when I am swimming.  Here he is in the photo trying to big himself up and take all the glory for retrieving my stick.  When I try to sit on him he almost disappears and running after him is completely useless as he always avoids capture and can run as fast as I can.  Luckily he disappears on contact with water.

I get a break from him when the Mrs lets me cool off in the lake but her throw is not what it once was so the Boss gives me more of a swim as his sticks splash far out in the centre and I can practice my swimming stroke to its full potential.  This stroke, commonly known as doggy paddle, which I think is a pretty pathetic name considering the speed with which I can move through the water, is a Labradors triumph.  I will admit the diving could do with improvement - the Mrs insists it is called a belly flop but I prefer to think of it as a dog bomb I make a mighty fine splash I can tell you!  Once in the water my paws spread out and the webbing between my toes acts as a massive paddle enabling me to power through the water and catch the stick in my mouth to return it to the Boss for another launch.. If only he would let me try this with the fish but he continues to prefer to catch them with dangled lines attached to sticks I think this is a huge waste of a stick!

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