Sunday, 21 October 2018


Intonations…..Here I am resting under the seats where the Mrs and the Boss take their morning coffee break in the shade.  The grass is cool under my snout and I can hear all the conversation going on above me, even if I don’t understand all the words I can tell by the tone whether there is going to be fun or trouble ahead.  I pick up on some words like ‘ball’ and ‘lake’ and my tail wags almost without conscious volition – it appears my rear end has a mind of its own.  I continue to play possum and they think I am asleep but my blasted tail wags again when I overhear ‘walk’.   As I open one eye to check on movement they are both looking at me and laughing but continue sitting and the tone stays even and uneventful, so I sigh heavily and resume my snooze. 
After a little longer, all the coffee drunk and the tones of the conversation sounding more hopeful I watch to see if movement is imminent and see the Boss preparing to leave his chair and pulling the Mrs up with him.  They both look at me and the questioning tones suggest they want me with them.  ‘Come on then’ which I recognise instantly gets me to my feet and eager to please.  My lead, which I carry myself, is looped around my neck and off we all go.  ‘Walk to heel’ spoken in a commanding tone by the Boss brings me to his side instantly, the Mrs laughingly gives an unrepeatable reply and walks next to him on the other side …. I think he was talking to me but, as ever, it’s all in the tone!

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