Monday, 4 June 2012

April 2012

Bert’s Blog:  Hi, my name is Bert and I am a dog.  I think I am officially chocolate as I have overheard the Mrs answering questions about me with that word, she says it a lot and I think there is an addiction thing going on there but don’t quote me.

I arrived here in November last year, slept right through Christmas, drank puppy milk, puppy biscuits and water, although I have given up the milk now as it is a bit childish to be seen drinking it at five months - I stick to water which I love, except in the large white container in the room with soap.

There is another dog who speaks the same language as me in the adult Kennel but I am not allowed too much contact because she gets fed up with me hanging off her lips and ears, which I call play but she doesn’t.  She looks a dead spit for my mum but her name’s not the same.   There is also a small ball of fur with a long tail living here but I have not yet been able to get close enough for a thorough Inspection.

I’ve been told I have been chipped, but I didn’t feel a thing and it had nothing to do with potatoes.  A man in a white coat seemed very interested in me but his house smelt too clean so we didn’t stay long.

The Boss has spent a fair bit of time repeating words to me, which gets a bit tiresome sometimes when all I want to do is play, but he seems pleased when I park my backside on the cold ground when he says “sit” so I go along with it to keep him happy. 

Off to nose round the garden now…..more next month.

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