Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June 2012

Bert’s Blog:  I’ve had another visit to the room with the large white container and the soap again.  This seems to happen when I have been experimenting in the garden with different textures and substances or when we have visitors.  Little do they know the misery I have had to go through or the shame of smelling like a woofter (canine term for dogs who don’t smell like dogs).
Another experience this month has been going on a holiday where I saw the biggest pond ever which looked as if it was always racing in to catch me but never actually did.  I had long walks on soft powdery stuff which allowed me to examine my own footprints and was very easy to dig.  The Boss is developing a strange habit; I can’t work out why he keeps throwing things away when he always wants me to get them back.  I have learnt the word ‘fetch’ since this habit started and I have to tell you I am becoming quite proficient at it.
Occasionally I wear a rope necklace which I am quite capable of carrying myself but this is frowned upon as the boss wants to carry the other end.  If I walk too far ahead it gets quite tight and I have to slow down and walk to heel, which I keep getting muddled with meal and start looking for food, all very confusing.
If I am taken short on a walk and do the unmentionable the Boss has an endless supply of plastic bags for his collection.  I could understand if he saved bones or sticks but find it strange that he collects my deposits.  However I have seen other Bosses do this; it must be a favoured pastime so I can stop worrying about my Boss developing any more strange habits.

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