Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May 2012

Bert’s Blog:  Since last time I have experienced occasions when I have been spoken to rather sharply.  I found one of the Boss’s slippers on the floor, usually on a high shelf, and decided he obviously didn’t need it anymore.  It made a great plaything, and using my initiative I decided to see what it was made of.  This was not seen in a favourable light and not only did I get a ticking off but so did the Boss for leaving it on the floor.  I took great heart from this, thinking we had more in common than I thought despite him only having two legs.  

My world is expanding - I go for rides with the Boss in his box with circular legs which has a multitude of strange smells.  When I go to new places I love sniffing around but the Boss likes me near him so I am learning a new word about feet which is repeated many times and sounds like ‘meal’ but sadly doesn’t have the same consequences.

I am told I am becoming international and now have a passport.  I must have missed something as all I remember of the occasion was that man again in the white coat and the clean house sticking a sharp thing into my leg and the boss fussing around with his wallet and looking a bit down.  

Meanwhile, more pleasurably, I am being introduced to miniature versions of the Boss and the Mrs, they seem really friendly but I can’t understand a word they say and they aren’t as proficient on two legs as the Boss is.  Sadly they seem more interested in the long tailed small ball of fur which moves very slowly, except when I appear on the scene and it acts like greased lightning.  I will persevere…

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