Saturday 29 March 2014


Christmas….that tree came indoors again, very confusing for a dog not to lift his leg…. mind you it was quite prickly and not easy to get to with all the presents and flashing lights around it.  However, I did not disgrace myself or howl with the carol singers and remained favourite top dog in the house.  Actually I am the only dog in the house so I will have to give that statement some thought…. 
Amongst all the wrapping paper and ribbons I found a big bone and had several special bowls of gravy with leftovers to celebrate.  The miniatures of the Boss and Mrs celebrated elsewhere this year so I had a peaceful time with special indoor passes to lay in front of the fire and snooze, something I have noticed the Boss is very good at.  I did attempt to climb on his lap once to check he was actually asleep but that ended in some unexpected upwardly mobile gymnastics culminating in me spending the rest of the evening in my kennel and him staying awake for some considerable length of time despite ‘watching’ the box on the wall, the roaring fire and his hand cradling a rotund glass of spirit instead of my soft head and floppy ears. 
Despite the recent weather, my penchant for all things wet means I don’t mind being outside when the water falls out of the sky, but the Boss gets extremely grumpy about this.  On the other hand, I dislike being inside when the water showers down on me in the large white container with soap, but strangely enough the Boss doesn’t seem to have a problem with this.  Must be why he likes me so much – opposites attract!

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