Saturday, 29 March 2014

MARCH 2014

The Boss and the Mrs took me on another little trip to Torquay. I remembered the extra-large swimming lake that kept running towards me and tasted funny, although this time it tickled my toes and I only went in up to my tummy.  There were lots of other dogs on the sand to play with and I had a great time running around.  We ended up sitting by some pots which the Boss said caught lobsters but after a thorough investigation I confirmed there were none inside although it smelt as if there were!  I got quite excited looking for these Lob-sters, thinking they were into throwing things for me to fetch but apparently I had got the wrong end of the stick, ha ha.  Talking of sticks, I was carrying one home with me that the storm had blown down on to the beach when I suddenly thought I should turn back to make sure the Boss was following.  In doing so I inadvertently caught the Mrs behind the knees with the stick which in turn sent her flying onto the sand which luckily cushioned her nicely and avoided any lasting damage to certain parts of her anatomy.  Once in an upright position again and able to examine her coat, the tumble had resulted in a certain level of mud splatter.  I thought a paddle in the sea would be the best way to clean it off and the Boss suggested a bit of a hose down but the Mrs did not agree and he had to quickly wipe the smile from his face as well as the mud from her coat when she turned down his suggestion in no uncertain terms and requested I instantly be relieved of my stick – spoil sport.

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