Saturday, 17 May 2014

MAY 2014

Here is the ball I was telling you about last month, the one that the miniatures have trouble catching.  As you can see it has put up with a lot of work, is slightly misshapen now and has lost some of its bounce.  Of course this has nothing to do with me giving it a good chew occasionally and everything to do with my incredible catching ability.  Not that I am boastful but I thought this photo gave me a certain cool look with a touch of sauciness thrown in.  I like the upward tilt of my velvety top lip and the slight exposure of my bottom teeth giving me a devil may care top dog athletic nuance. 

Of course this suave casual stance all fell apart when I had a little accident in my bedroom the other night and the Mrs had to clear it up the next morning.  I had to grovel as best I could as this cool dude received a right ear bashing about toilet etiquette, my perfume and spending more time outside doing what I should be doing outside.  The Boss was mentioned as well as I always seem to be his dog at times like this and nothing whatsoever to do with the Mrs.  Needless to say I was banned from entry for the day until she had cooled down and even worse my lovely blue ball was removed, taken and washed until it smelt like a garden flower and only returned to me the following day with a promise extracted that in future I would keep my legs crossed until I was let out for my morning constitutional.  Dare I say one word in response no, I turned into an uncool, hairy embarrassment and rolled over for a tummy tickle.

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