Thursday 17 July 2014

JUNE 2014

BERTS BLOG:  You’ve caught me snoozing on the deck.  I might have become a shade browner, purely accidentally, as I have been sun bathing.  Normally I am with the Boss in the wooded shade or in his box on wheels, which he calls a ‘pick up’.  I get confused as ‘picking up’ is what I am supposed to do when we go shooting and as I can’t drive it seems a bit strange, but I digress - I have been left to my own devices, well actually the devices of the Mrs whilst the Boss goes off chasing little white balls with his sticks which I am not allowed to chew.  I was dreading being left behind, but I managed to behave myself and me and the Mrs got along fine.  I had some long walks around the fields that I remembered from when I was a puppy, sniffing familiar smells in the undergrowth and best of all jumping in muddy puddles – something which I am told is all the rage at the moment among the pig world, but hey, a dog can do it too. Needless to say it wasn’t such a favourite with the Mrs, who muttered my name was Bert, not Peppa Pig.  I had to be hosed down the moment we arrived home, but that was quite welcome as well as in this wonderful sunny weather I dried really quickly while doing a spot of sun bathing.  I think she might have been feeling sorry for me as I was missing the Boss, or possibly she misunderstood my feeding instructions as she gave me two meals a day instead of one and I didn’t have the heart to tell her so I just put on my angelic expression and gobbled it down in pure delight.

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