Thursday 9 October 2014


What a surprise!  My girlfriend Jazz, who only lives round the corner now, kept telling me something was in going to happen…. at her house there was anticipation in the air.  There had been preparations for an extra room, a new sleeping basket, less walks and her Mrs getting bigger and bigger, Jazz wondered what was in store? Overeating? Puppies?  Then lo and behold, look what arrived at 3am one morning.  The last night in June Jazz was kept awake with lots of pacing back and forth and later at our house on the same night I heard the tinkling of the small black pocket box which means my Boss and Mrs talk to invisible people and ignore me.  I always thought dogs, not humans, had sixth senses but it seems the other way round in this house.  Anyway, after this invisible conversation the Mrs jumped up and down and disappeared.  Jazz said she turned up at her place to stay while Jazz’s Boss and Mrs went off to a very large building, only to return later that morning with another miniature.  Well, swipe me sideways with a bouquet of pheasants, I am not quite sure how that happened, but whether bought or homemade everyone seems very happy, including Jazz.  Her Mrs was much reduced in size and her Boss was proudly carrying the new miniature, who very much resembled the previous miniatures with one crucial difference, the accompanying teddy had a pink bow whereas before the other two teddies had blue.   Jazz had lots of hugs and pats in celebration of another prospective playmate and is very happy to start her walks again, but whenever I see her now she keeps looking at me with that wistful look in eyes and I am not sure why…  

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