Thursday 9 October 2014


You will notice the black surround – it is because the boss said it is the end of an era and I totally sympathise – no more digestive biscuits and kindly tickles round my era’s from the Matriarch. I was looking forward to flushing a few birds off her bird table but I don’t think that is going to happen as I have been told she left this world for heaven in August and so things have been a bit quiet. There will be no more walks down to her flat to eat all the bird food she put out for her feathery friends.  Now she is probably flying around up there among them – I will keep a look out.

Grouse has been mentioned, but I am not sure if it was the Mrs complaining about the Boss and the approaching shooting season or the Boss complaining about the Mrs complaining about him.  If it gets too complicated I just bark and that stops them both in their tracks as they are not used to me using my voice.  They tell me this is one of the things they love about me – the fact that I very rarely speak, but when I do, it is for a good reason and even then it is usually just the one or two deep barks.  I am not fond of the yappers and neither are the Boss and Mrs.  Our house is usually quiet apart from when the miniatures arrive and then you can’t hear yourself bark – not that I do of course, although I did try it once and the miniature made even more noise so I beat a hasty retreat with a flea in my ear – oh no – we are back to era’s again…

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