Sunday, 24 April 2016


yes, youve guess correctly and no I am not Mother Hubbard, but it is bath time again!  The Mrs seems very keen on keeping me smelling sweet, but her idea of sweet is totally different to mine.  A good roll in the mud is always therapeutic for the fur and that was what I availed myself to on a recent walk, only to find on our return that this would be the outcome.  Nothing was said at the time of the rolling and it was pure luck we found a puddle deep enough to give a good covering but on the way home I detected a certain chilliness in the air not related to the ambient temperature. 

You will notice that I am becoming more eloquent, the reason for this turned out to be another misdemeanour which I will relate to you.  Fossicking about in the Bosss garage, where there seems to be an inordinate amount of stuff, most of which the Mrs informs me is rubbish, I found a rather tasty book.  It must have been stored somewhere near some venison and pigeons because it had a lovely perfume reminded me of my bones, just the sort of think I like to chew on.  Anyway there I was half way through this engrossing read when the Boss turns up and takes it away from me I never did get to finish it.  Neither did anyone else as my tooth marks had apparently rendered half of it illegible told you I had learned some big words.  Turns out it was a dictionary surprise!! and the Mrs was extremely disappointed in my choice of reading material, not to mention chewing material.  After a long and tiresome reprimand  I decided it would be in my best interest not to take up reading  to pass the time as the Mrs does but choose the TV, like the Boss does, which shows much more interesting things like golf, rugby, snooker, farming, fishing and animals, which is why I think the Mrs reads so much……

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