Monday, 4 April 2016


Belated happy Christmas to all my followers, I hope you had a woofing good time.  I certainly did, with titbits of turkey and lashings of love.  After sniffing all the presents under the tree to ensure none of them had bones inside I retired to my bed to listen out for distant sleigh bells and then checked the garden for reindeer droppings – didn’t find any. 
The miniatures put in an appearance, all five of them and showed me how to open presents with the utmost alacrity and speed, almost as quickly as I excavate the garden when searching for my buried bones.  The end result was very similar – great joy! 

The Boss and I are now deep into the shooting season and I have proudly retrieved many pheasants and partridge for him.  It is the time of year I love the most from when he appears at breakfast time dressed in his shooting greens and I wear my green lead with pride knowing I am doing the job I was born for.  The freezer is getting stocked for the year and every Sunday I have tasty game titbits to add to my biscuits as well as long snoozes dreaming of running blissfully across the fields. 

I wish you all a very happy healthy new year filled with some exciting new smells for sniffing although the Mrs tells that sniffing and cold moist noses do not have the same health connotations for you as they do for me.  I wondered why one of the miniatures kept trying to wipe mine with tissues…..

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