Monday, 4 April 2016


I hope you missed me in February?  Sorry I couldn’t write in my blog but I was being transported via a very choppy overnight ferry crossing to my new playing place in France. It was so rough the Mrs said she had to sleep flat on her back to avoid being thrown out of the bunk and the Boss swore his body actually levitated several times but I slept straight through the trip, snug in my usual bed in the Boss’s pickup.  

Once at Maison Millie I ensured all the usual smells were still in place and we went to check the fish were still in the ‘etang’.  This photo shows me trying very hard to resist their retrieval by jumping in but I now know better and that the Boss has to reel them in himself! 

I spent my time in France making friends with dogs, electricians, builders, farmers and neighbours, some of whom were intelligible but gave good friendly pats and cuddles.  We also found some shooting buddies and watched the ‘shoot’ going on all around us, I found it very exciting and wanted to join in with the tangle of hounds but the Boss said no as I don’t speak the language….

Sadly, on our return the small furry spitty thing was not well and a week later saw the end of her sixteen year feline reign.  Apparently she is planted in the garden deep enough to ensure my bone burying will not disturb her.  I will miss my protagonist but not the nose batting she always gave me.  I was rather hoping I would take her place on the Mrs lap now, but that does not seem to be happening.  The Mrs explained it is a question of sizing but I am not sure if it is her size or mine she is worried about….  Nevertheless I will keep trying, as she says - I can be very trying!

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