Friday, 7 July 2017

June 2017

I have been reliably told by the miniatures that if I blow on to these dandelion seed heads I should be able to tell what the time is.  Whenever we go for walks there is always a mad rush to find a dandelion clock, pick it and then blow it all over the place while counting.  Basically, which is one of the miniatures recently learnt favourite words of the moment, basically, I dont need to blow anything as the only interest I have in time is how far away from dinner we are which my tummy tells me by the amount of empty space therein and how many pats and tickles I can squeeze into one day.
If one miniature finds a clockthen the other miniatures must also find one or all hell breaks loose.  I have been told on many occasions to refrain from playing this game as every time I come across one and have a sniff to check it out the fluff goes straight up my nose, huge sneezes follow and seed clocks disperse faster than I can chase a stick, the miniatures all start crying and I am the least favourite dog in the vicinity.  
As you can see from this photo the inhalation and ensuing sneezes left bare heads and blew 1 oclock through to 12 oclock straight into the azure sky and the miniatures are at present racing around like lunatics trying to catch time!   Man, these kids play some weird games.  Give me a stick or a ball to catch any time but you just cant get your teeth into this fluffy stuff.  The whole object of the game is defeated anyway when the Mrs looks at her wrist and says its time to go home how does she know, when time is floating about all over the place?

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