Monday, 4 September 2017

July / August 2017

A French Bath……. We’ve had visitors and that means I have had to have a bath rather than regale them with my natural perfume. This bath is outside and after the mother and father of all thunderstorms it filled up with rain water. The Mrs suddenly had the idea to immerse me in what she said was an opportunity not to be missed, telling me the rainwater would make my hair soft and silky! I was not so keen to jump at the opportunity, as you can probably tell from my demeanour, and had to be persuaded to climb in and succumb to the shampooing, after which I was hosed down and allowed to get dry by chasing and retrieving tennis balls, a pastime I never tire of. The Mrs seemed quite pleased with her bath idea, but the Boss thought a swim round the lake would have done the job just as well…thankfully most of the water has drained away and the first thing I look at when I go out for my morning constitutional is whether or not it has been refilled in which case I distract the Mrs by picking up my lead and taking off at a brisk pace towards the lake.. I am not the only one here cursing the foul weather we have been experiencing….come back sun - no more French baths!!!

My fan base is broadening, not only did the miniatures visit but also relations from Australia. I have to say the Aussies were delighted with me and I received many compliments from them and several large bones which I did wonder if they had dug up as there was much mention of ‘down under’ but although I spent hours trawling the lawns for a hint of where they might have been digging I failed to find any clues. Rest assured I will keep sniffing…

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