Wednesday, 2 October 2019


During my holidays this year I had chance to closely examine one of the many small green jumping things that live around the lake.  Each time I got my nose close enough to give it a good sniff it jumped away.  This small creature has many attributes - the jumping ability was astounding – far better than mine.  The noise it made was also akin to barking so I felt quite at home trying to make friends.  First one would bark and then an answer would come back eventually starting a croaking chorus from around each side of the lake until it became quite deafening.  I tried to participate but I don’t think I spoke the same language and eventually the Mrs told me I was as made as a box of frogs and should keep quiet from now on.
Not only could my new froggy friend jump and bark but his swimming prowess was amazing – no sooner had he jumped in the water than he had disappeared doing breast stroke - made my doggy paddle look pathetic!   I was allowed to join him but I lost sight of him under the water as he shot off like a torpedo.  I busied myself swimming around looking for him and was distracted by more splashing – I couldn’t believe my eyes - the Mrs had joined me in the water and was splashing about, then her friend waded in and had a swim and then the Boss started paddling about in his dinghy!  My private bath was getting a bit crowded so I jumped out and left them to it, I think some of my froggy friends did too!

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